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Infant School Green Day

Rewarding Good Behaviour

All classes have a behaviour management system involving the traffic light colours.  Each day the children start, and aim to finish, their day on green (two points) but could move through the colours throughout the day. For example, if a child disrupts their own learning or that of others they will be moved to Amber, but if they correct their behaviour as the day progresses they will be moved back to Green. Children who finish their day on Amber receive one point and those who finish the day on Red lose both points and cannot regain them. Children in the infant school need to keep at least 25 points over a three week period (out of a possible 30) in order to earn their reward.

These points will enable them to take part in a reward afternoon, which is known as 'Green Day' on a three week cycle. The activity for Green Day afternoon will be selected from a menu provided at the beginning of the cycle so that children know what they are working towards. This could be cookery, sports, nature club, football, computing etc.

Those who do not earn enough points will instead take part in a session, that explores behaviour expectations and the reasons why Green Day has been missed, led by a senior member of staff.

Activities are changed each term. The current term's activity choices and dates are listed below.

Infant School Green Day Dates:

Dates Activities 

 Junior School Green Day